Slack Pile Rock 'N Roll
jumping the rails
All they say is “that ain’t right”
Everywhere trouble's in sight
Passing on whiskey and wine
Havina hell of a time
Everyone is wasted and tumblin’ around
Drinkin’, smokin’, slurring, let it all out
Always liked the thrill of takin' it to the extreme
Stayin' all night long, another down and upstream

Keepin’ it crazy, baby, till we're outta control
Dancin’ with the devil’s lord called Rock n’ Roll

Bonny said, “Hell ain’t a bad place to be”
We’re gonna roll that’s guaranteed
Found heaven, the “City of Sin”
Ain’t foolin’ and we’re gonna spin

Freight train jumping the rails/ What they do and what they say
Right into the lost wrong way
Yelling and goin` insane
Make-or-break well that’s the game
No need to hide behind a gentle phoney disguise
Hope they’re gonna choke on their own dirty lies
Who the fuck, wanker, do you think you are
Pull the trigger, fake behaviour, hell yeah that’s what you are

5:42 m
142 bpm
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